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Empowering a Flexible Workforce with Virtual Desktops

Desktop 365®

Our Story

Desktop 365® was founded as the first Virtual Desktop as a service (DaaS) solution in the world. Our team consists of entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, technologists, and business professionals who aim to transform the world through innovative technology solutions. Our forward-thinking approach has allowed us to be a trailblazer in the DaaS industry and a pioneer in Virtual Desktops. We are backed by patents, trademarks, and a long history of customer success.

We are excited to see that the industry has embraced our vision and that Virtual Desktops have become a staple in today's world. As the company that pioneered DaaS, we are subject matter experts in both the technology and its various use cases. We strive to not only solve challenges, but also help businesses grow, compete, and scale, giving them a significant competitive advantage.

“Gartner forecasts that the number of users for DaaS will grow by over 150% between 2020 and 2023.”


Our Technology

Desktop 365® has been awarded three patents and is the only patented DaaS solution of its kind. Our technology takes into account not only IT elements, but also business processes and workflows. We are constantly working on confidential enhancements to make Desktop 365® the ultimate DaaS Virtual Desktop solution.

 Our solutions today combine the power of Microsoft 365, Azure, and other complementary technologies to provide the most resilient, scalable, and secure solution in the world.

Our Approach

We take a consultative approach with customers to help them fully realize the potential of our solution. Virtual Desktops are not just a technology, but also have a profound impact on how a business operates, including its employees, corporate culture, and service capabilities. Our team of experts is uniquely trained and qualified on this aspect. We work as an extension of our customers, taking the time to understand and enhance their business operations.

Happy End Users

What Our Customers Are Saying


I feel that our Virtual Desktops provide a safe environment for our doctors and staff
to be able to access their medical environment while away from the clinic.


Prior to hiring MaximumBit, we experienced much more downtime and loss of revenue with the computers not working properly.


We are also able to do a complete system update all at once rather than going through individual PCs. This is a huge time saver!


I am very pleased with the cloud platform and the security that the investment has brought us.

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