Increasing Agent Productivity
and Performance 

with Desktop 365® for BPOs and Call Centers

The Power of Virtual Desktops

Enhancing Call Center Performance and Productivity

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can be particularly useful for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies and call centers, as it allows them to streamline their operations and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their systems.

  • Scalability
  • Time-To-Value
  • Security
  • Cost Savings
The Modern Solution for BPOs and Call Centers

Empower Your Agents and Expand Your Reach

60 %
60% of BPO call centers have reported reduced IT management costs with virtual desktop solutions.

Transform the way your call center operates with Desktop 365® Virtual Desktops. Our solution is powered by Microsoft Azure and Desktop 365® technology, delivering an efficient, cost-effective and secure platform for your call center operations. With virtual desktops, your agents can work from anywhere and have access to all the tools and resources they need to provide top-notch customer service. Say goodbye to the constraints of a traditional call center environment and hello to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

90 %
Virtual desktops have been shown to reduce downtime by up to 90%, compared to traditional desktop environments.

Maximize your call center's potential with Desktop 365® Virtual Desktops. This solution not only eliminates the need for traditional PCs and IT support, but it also enables your agents to work from anywhere, increasing your call center's reach and flexibility. With virtual desktops, your call center can easily support rapid growth and expansion, helping you reach customers across the country. Embrace a more efficient, mobile and modern approach to call center operations with Desktop 365® Virtual Desktops.

All you need is:

  • A device. This can be a tablet, phone, laptop, Chromebook, or older PC.
  • A reliable internet connection

Say goodbye to IT headaches and hello to productivity


“The transition to virtual desktops in our call center has been seamless and has significantly reduced downtime and technical issues”

Celine F.

“With virtual desktops, our call center has become more agile and better equipped to handle peak call volume, improving overall customer experience”

Lydia R.

“Our agents can now work from anywhere with virtual desktops, and the increased mobility has had a positive impact on their productivity and job satisfaction”

Mark H.
Powered by Microsoft Azure

Ultimate Enterprise BPO and Call Center Technology Solution

  • Streamline Mergers and Acquisitions with Desktop 365® Virtual Desktops
  • Unified User Experience Across Disparate Call Center IT Systems
  • Scalable and Secure Virtual Desktops for Call Centers
  • Enterprise-Class Security for Your Call Center Operations
  • Enhance Continuity of Service with Desktop 365® Virtual Desktops
Driving Innovation and Growth in the BPO Call Center Industry

Case Studies

After implementing virtual desktops remote agents were able to access the same tools and resources as their in-office colleagues, providing a seamless experience for both agents and customers.

After implementing virtual desktops, agents had a common platform to access the tools and resources they need, simplifying the integration process and reducing downtime.

After implementing virtual desktops this call center was able to store sensitive data and applications in a secure virtual environment, reducing the risk of data breaches and allowing for more efficient management of security policies.

Our Cloud, Your Sky


Yes, virtual desktops can support call center agents working remotely or from different locations. Virtual desktops provide remote access to the call center's applications, data, and tools, enabling call center agents to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Virtual desktop technology supports call center compliance with industry regulations and standards by providing secure and controlled access to sensitive data. Virtual desktops also allow for centralized management and monitoring of data access and usage, ensuring that regulations and standards are followed.

Virtual desktop technology can integrate with call center management systems and platforms to provide a seamless user experience. Virtual desktops can also support the integration of other call center software and third-party solutions, improving overall system functionality and performance.

Virtual desktop technology can support call center disaster recovery and business continuity planning by providing remote access to critical applications and data. In the event of a disaster, virtual desktops allow call center agents to continue their work from a remote location, minimizing disruption and maintaining business continuity. Virtual desktops also support the implementation of backup and recovery systems, helping to ensure that data and systems are protected in the event of a disaster

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