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with Desktop 365 Virtual Desktops for Financial Services

The Power of Virtual Desktops

Maximize Your Financial Institution's Potential

Empowering your institution by providing the freedom & flexibility to operate without the constraints that come with the traditional workplace.

  • Scalability
  • Time-To-Value
  • Security
  • Cost Savings
The Modern Solution for Financial Institutions

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy in Financial Operations

70 %
Virtual desktops can reduce desktop support costs for financial institutions by up to 70%.

Desktop 365® virtual desktops can simplify operations, consolidate workflows, and reduce costs for financial industries by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure and Desktop 365® technology to scale. This enables your financial team to spend more time on important tasks and less time on the keyboard.

85 %
75% of financial institutions have already adopted or are planning to adopt virtual desktops, with the majority citing improved security, flexibility, and mobility as the primary drivers.

Desktop 365® Virtual Desktops can help reduce the burden of traditional PCs and IT services for financial industries. Virtual desktops can help financial institutions improve data security and meet regulatory compliance requirements by allowing them to store sensitive data in a secure, centralized location and control access to that data.

All you need is:

  • A device. This can be a tablet, phone, laptop, Chromebook, or older PC.
  • A reliable internet connection

Say goodbye to IT headaches and hello to productivity


“Virtual desktops have transformed the way our investment banking team works”

Amanda R.

“Virtual Desktops have greatly improved our team’s ability to serve clients, even when working remotely”

Larry B.

“We have saved thousands of dollars in hardware and software costs with virtual desktops”

Alex T.
Powered by Microsoft Azure

Ultimate Financial Enterprise Technology Solution

  • Provide remote access to case information and legal research tools, regardless of location or device.
  • Scalable to accommodate large numbers of users and devices, important for large law firms.
  • Mitigate disruptions to legal operations caused by pandemics, natural disasters, or other unexpected events.
  • Implement robust security measures, including data encryption and multi-factor authentication, to protect sensitive client information.
  • Simplify software licensing, as all necessary applications can be accessed via the virtual desktop, reducing the need to purchase and manage individual licenses.
Providing Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Case Studies

After implementing virtual desktops, advisors were able to access their desktop environment from any device, improving their ability to serve clients.

After implementing virtual desktops, employees were given access to their desktop environment from any device, ensuring they could continue to work during disruptions.

Implementing virtual desktops provided secure access to critical applications and data from any device, while also enforcing strong security policies.

Our Cloud, Your Sky


Yes, in most cases your existing software is fully compatible.

Yes! Desktop 365 virtual desktops allow various printing options including the ability to print from a plane or on the go! Virtual Desktops work with most common peripherals.

Desktop 365® virtual desktops are simple to integrate. It's a matter of training staff as opposed to integration complexities. Our business team will work very closely with your team to guide and enable a successful transition.

Virtual Desktops help your institution stay PCI DSS compliant in a number of ways. For strong access controls, we can implement granular access controls and auditing of user activity/ For secure network infrastructure we can centralize the management of your desktop environments and implement security measures such as firewalls and encryption. For regular security assessments and penetration testing we can easily test and update your desktop environments. Lastly, for incident response planning virtual desktops can quickly and easily recover from a security incident or data breach.

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