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with Desktop 365® Virtual Desktops for the Legal Industry

The Power of Virtual Desktops

The Competitive Edge Your Legal Practice Needs

Empowering your law firm by providing the freedom & flexibility to operate without the constraints that come with the traditional workplace.

  • Scalability
  • Time-To-Value
  • Security
  • Cost Savings
Elevate Your Law Firm with Desktop 365®

Empower Your Legal Team with the Freedom to Work from Anywhere

71 %
71% of legal professionals expect their firms to increase their use of Virtual Desktops in the next 5 years

Our solution leverages the power of Microsoft Azure and Desktop 365® technology to optimize operations, streamline workflows, and lower costs for your firm. This means attorneys, partners, paralegals and other legal staff can easily access information when and where it matters, giving them more time to win cases.

20 %
20% of the VDI users are predicted to adopt DaaS by 2023

Desktop 365® Virtual Desktops can help streamline operations and reduce the burden of traditional PCs and IT services for legal practices. With Virtual Desktops, law firms can access data and resources on demand and collaborate with team members in real-time, whether in the courthouse, at a deposition, or elsewhere. This can give them the accessibility and advantage they need to win cases and advance their practice.

All you need is:

  • A device. This can be a tablet, phone, laptop, Chromebook, or older PC.
  • A reliable internet connection

Say goodbye to IT headaches and hello to productivity


“Virtual Desktops have been a game-changer for our business”

Julian P.

“It’s so convenient to be able to access my work from any device securely and reliably”

Debra M.

“Virtual desktops have actually made my job much easier and more efficient”

Erika G.
Powered by Microsoft Azure

Ultimate Enterprise Legal Practice Technology Solution

  • Ensure secure access to sensitive client data and case information from any location or device.
  • Improve collaboration and productivity by allowing legal professionals to access their virtual desktop from any device, anywhere.
  • Minimize downtime and disruptions during unexpected events, such as power outages or natural disasters.
  • Implement strong security measures to protect confidential client information and comply with industry regulations.
  • Streamline software management and reduce IT costs by centralizing software updates and license management.
Law On-the-Go: Access Your Legal Work Anytime, Anywhere

Case Studies

The corporation deployed a virtual desktop solution, which provided secure and compliant desktops to employees, no matter where they were working from. The virtual desktops were managed centrally, making it easier for IT to enforce security policies and ensure compliance.

The company implemented a virtual desktop solution that provided secure, encrypted virtual desktops to its employees. The virtual desktops were managed centrally, which allowed the company to enforce strict security policies and ensure that sensitive client data was protected. The virtual desktop solution also improved the company's ability to respond to security threats, as all virtual desktops could be wiped and recreated quickly in the event of a security breach.

The firm deployed a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that provided its employees with virtual desktops with powerful computing resources. The virtual desktops were also scalable, allowing the firm to increase or decrease computing resources as needed. The VDI solution improved the firm's ability to perform resource-intensive tasks, such as document processing, which improved its overall efficiency and productivity.

Our Cloud, Your Sky


Yes, in most cases your existing software is fully compatible. For example, Desktop 365 virtual desktops work with most common law firm case management software while eliminating the need for apps to be installed on local PCs.

Yes! Desktop 365® virtual desktops allow various printing options including the ability to print from a plane or on the go! Virtual Desktops work with most common peripherals.

Desktop 365® virtual desktops are simple to integrate. It's a matter of training staff as opposed to integration complexities. Our business team will work very closely with your team to guide and enable a successful transition.

Virtual desktops can help ensure that sensitive client data is kept secure by storing it in the cloud, rather than on a physical device, and using encryption to protect it as it is transmitted over the internet. In addition, virtual desktops can be configured with access controls to allow only authorized users to access certain applications and data, helping to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

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